Innovative Challenger beyond


We aim for enhanced anti-cancer effect with
immune combination therapy.

Despite the high clinical excellence, immune checkpoint inhibitors, which have become the latest trends in the global anticancer drug market, have been limited in the therapeutic effect of having a patient response rate of less than about 20% when used alone. So even now, Global Big Pharma, which has developed it, is trying to improve its efficacy through the combined administration rather than the treatment of immune checkpoint inhibitor alone. There is a tremendous amount of concomitant clinical trials going on, especially to say that only combinations will live. Clinical results have been reported one after another. Global Big pharmaceutical companies are using two different drugs to work in combination with these immune checkpoint inhibitors. Therefore, it is known that the two drugs go beyond their limitations by complementing each other.

CB302, which is being developed by our company, is a combination of our flagship pipeline, CB301, and MSD's Keytruda or BMS's Opdivo, a well-known blockbuster anti-cancer drug. Throughout this, we aim to confirm the high value of combined properties in chemotherapy through the improved cancer cell proliferation and tumor growth inhibition effect. To this end, we set goals for conducting non-clinical efficacy testing and clinical trials. With good clinical results, it is thought that it is possible to provide effective treatment options for patients with limited response rates in Keytruda and Opdivo.

We will be conducting clinical and nonclinical studies in various indications through this CB302 project. Based on these findings, we plan to prepare a theoretical basis to be considered as a partner with Global Pharma through cooperation on anti-cancer therapy. In particular, successful clinical trials will confirm the safety of the concomitant drugs and the interactions between them, as well as the clinical drugs we have, would confirm the success of the combination. Therefore, we will lay the foundation for conducting next-level clinical trials by analyzing the clinical results obtained based on this. In addition, through various joint research between domestic and foreign academia, it is possible to have a sufficient understanding of the molecular biological mechanisms underlying it and to examine the linkage with clinical results and reflect it in the preparation of late clinical trial protocol to increase the possibility of successful clinical trials. Through these efforts, we aim to play a leading role by increasing the value of independently developed new prospective substances, export technology and complete the development of new drugs as per the expansion of marketability.

Through this combination, we aim to achieve the following goals for contributing to patient benefits.
  • We will expand the indications to various carcinomas based on increased efficacy through concomitants.
  • We will enter the anti-cancer immunotherapy market by improving the reactivity of the PD-1 / PD-L1 line immune checkpoint inhibitors.
  • CentricsBio will become the center of global biotechnology by reconstructing the company's competitiveness through the discovery of combined treatment methods and the export of technology.
  • We will make every effort to save the patient, which is the essential philosophy of CentricsBio, by providing various treatment options to patients.
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