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This is CentricsBio's next-generation new antibody drug for the
treatment of lung cancer and colon cancer.

Antibody drugs are monoclonal antibodies that target protein antigens involved in the immune cell signaling system or symptoms appearing on the surface of cancer cells. These antibody drugs are known to have strong binding properties and high specificity to target antigens while having few side effects with high efficacy, and thus have eminent industrial applications. Antibody drugs are now proven to have excellent clinical efficacy, so six of the top 10 blockbuster drugs in the market are known as antibody drugs.

Among the anti-cancer drugs, which are indulging talk in the field of cancer treatment, unlike the conventional anti-cancer drugs that attack the targets of cancer cells, an innovative therapeutic agent that enhances the cancer cell killing ability of immune cells by effectively stimulating the immune system suppressed in the cancer environment. These anti-cancer drugs include immune checkpoint inhibitors (PD-1, PD-L1, CTLA4 inhibitors), immune cell therapies, and oncolytic virus therapies. In particular, the immune checkpoint inhibitor was awarded the Nobel Prize for its high value and clinical effects (cured various cancer patients).

The global biopharmaceutical market is expected to grow at an annual average rate of 8.6% from $ 270.6 billion in 2017, to $ 442 billion by 2023. Among them, immune checkpoint inhibitors, which are becoming the mainstay of chemotherapy, especially MSD's Keytruda and BMS's Opdivo are growing to $ 7.17 billion and $ 6.73 billion respectively in 2018. Continuous growth is expected in the future. Besides, as new targets for various immune checkpoints continue to emerge, it is expected to offer more anticancer options.

CB301 - the cancer immunotherapy that is developed by our company, is a new anticancer therapy that targeting the surface of cancer cells which not only induces T cell activation (similar to the mechanism of PD-1 / PD-L1 targeted cancer immunotherapy) but also directly inhibits the proliferation of various cancer cells. In addition, we confirmed the efficacy of inhibiting tumor growth in various tumor models such as lung cancer and colorectal cancer. The effectiveness of suppressing lung cancer, colorectal cancer, including various tumor models, has been confirmed. In addition, it is a new immune checkpoint that inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells when siRNA inhibits the emergence of CB301 antigen itself. CB301 inhibitors or activate inhibitors vitalize T cells by binding to or inhibiting the emergence of CB301 antigens on various cancer surfaces. At the same time, it can be used as a better therapeutic agent than existing immune anticancer drugs as it inhibits cancer cell proliferation.

Currently, the market size of antibody drugs is continuously increasing, and the next generation of new antibody-drug innovations developed by our company is anticipating higher demand than existing antibody drugs as it can compensate for the weak points of existing antibody drugs and increase the pharmacological effect. In addition, it is expected to be positioned as an excellent anti-cancer drug through joint research with various organizations and technology transfer/contract.

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